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(Image courtesy of is a  marketplace where you can get tickets to sporting events, concerts, Broadway shows and other events. They recently offered me a credit to purchase tickets in exchange for a review.

Unlike some other ticket marketplaces, you don’t get to choose your exact seats at Instead, you select a seating category ranging from one to five stars. You make an offer based on what you are willing to pay and the relative price of seats in that category, and you instantly find out if it is accepted.

Based on a $95.07 “full price” value for three-star seating for the May 25th game between the New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks, I made an offer of $50 per ticket for two seats for the game. My offer was accepted, and lowered to $44.50 per ticket… which sounds like a great deal.

My tentative seats are in the Baseline Box Silver category in Section 129, and you could get tickets in that category for $45 per seat from the Mets. Hmm… guess the savings aren’t quite as big as I thought.

Two positives for, though – first, there are no service or delivery fees, and second, you are guaranteed to save something on each ticket.

The site is easy to use and looks like a decent option to consider if you’re not concerned about the exact part of the ballpark you’ll be sitting in. Still, I don’t think is likely to become my main option for buying Mets tickets.

Disclaimer: I received a credit from in exchange for writing a review.

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  1. At least with StubHub, you know exactly where you’re sitting. Plus, it’s not like the Priceline set-up you described, Paul. It’s “take it or leave it.”

    Given the way you described Score Big, I’d tend to go with StubHub. Plus, I’m curious if those seats you bought were someone’s seats or if the Mets were dumping their own tickets.


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