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Mets Autograph of the Month: Rod Kanehl

Signed Rod Kahnel baseball card from my collection
Signed Rod Kanehl baseball card from my collection

I haven’t been able to make many additions to my New York Mets autograph collection, for a variety of reasons.

At last count, I have a signed baseball card for 881 of 975 players who have appeared in a game for the Mets. Many of the ones I’m missing have passed away.

Original Mets infielder “Hot Rod” Kanehl falls into that group – he died of a heart attack in 2004.

A career minor leaguer, Kanehl impressed Casey Stengel with his hustle – he once scored from second base on a wild pitch.  Kanehl is also the answer to a trivia question – he’s the first Mets’ player to hit a grand slam. While his talent level never allowed him to be more than a fan-favorite, Kanehl made the most of his three years with the Mets.

Kanehl signed this card through the mail for my friend Jeff, who decided that my collection would be a better home for it.

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    1. The copyright notice is (c)CMC 1990, but there is also mention of a “Phila. Chewing Gum Corp.” on the back. I remember the set being sold via wax packs in hobby shops, but it was an oddball series that wasn’t too popular at the time… at least in my area.


  1. Paul, I have a 1979 Topps Gene Clines autograph if you’re interested. I would be willing to trade for an Athletics autograph or just a stack of Athletics.


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