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Tom Veryzer, 1953-2014

Signed Tom Veryzer 1983 Fleer baseball card from my collection
Signed Tom Veryzer 1983 Fleer baseball card from my collection

Former New York Mets infielder Tom Veryzer died yesterday at age 61, according to reports on Twitter.

Veryzer spent parts of 12 seasons in the major leagues between 1973 and 1984, playing for the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians New York Mets and Chicago Cubs.

A Long Island native, Veryzer played in 40 games for the 1982 Mets. For more details about his career, check out Nick Diunte‘s article for

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  1. More sad news for baseball. I remember Veryzer as a Tiger, but strangely, not as a Met. Then again, I was 19 in 1982, so I was probably much more focused on girls than on the Mets that year.


    1. I was about ten years old when I first remember Tom Veryzer on the Tigers. He played with one of all time favourite (late) Tigers, Mark “the Bird” Fidrych, who had his own bad luck after an incredible season in 1976. I remember Veryzer as a steady infielder during a time when the Tigers were not a very good team. I saw him in Windsor Canada (where I’m from) once, during the off season when a bunch of Tigers came over to play a charity basketball game. The Bird was there too. I have his autograph from that night. I still love the Tigers and I remember most of them that played with the English D on their chest. Rest in peace Mr. Veryzer. You were a memorable Detroit Tiger.

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