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Photos from Star Wars Night at Citi Field

On Friday, the New York Mets held their fourth annual Star Wars night to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer. This is the first time I got to go.

Fans who purchased tickets in the special seating section received a Travis d’Anaud bobblehead portraying the Mets’ catcher as a Jedi Knight.


Members of the 501st Legion, a group of fans dedicated to building and wearing screen-accurate Star Wars costumes and making appearances at various promotional and charitable events, were on hand at Citi Field Friday night. So was “Master Met,” Mr. Met’s Jedi alter ego.


Fans were invited to wear dress as their favorite Star Wars characters and participate in a pre-game costume contest. There were almost three dozen entrants, including this father-son clone trooper pair.


Here are a few more photos.







Star Wars fan, NY Mets enthusiast, toy collector & amateur gardener. I like to take pictures & write things.

3 thoughts on “Photos from Star Wars Night at Citi Field

    1. I’m just curious what a non-baseball fan would make of a loose Jedi Travis d’Arnaud bobblehead… would they think it was just some obscure Expanded Universe character, I wonder?


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