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Dance on, Jenrry

May we never tire of seeing Jenrry’s victory dance.


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3 thoughts on “Dance on, Jenrry

  1. It’s stupid. It’s nice to be happy and show that. What Mejia is doing is showboating, stuff glorified by ESPN and anyone who airs a football game (because they dance more than Fred Astaire there) and the announcer says nothing about how amateurish it looks. Too bad he isn’t a starting pitcher and I’m not pitching for the other team as I’d give him a shave the next time he faced me.

    If you’re a pro, act like one. Mejia’s act is juvenile.


    1. They may be pros, but they are pros at playing a game – there’s no reason they can’t look like they are having fun when their team is winning.


      1. You can have fun and I agree with your thought. But there’s a way to have fun without showing up the other team. And, to me, Dance With Me Jenrry (apologies to Etta James), has crossed over that line. But he’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last, especially since that stuff is glorified now.


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