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Mets baseball cards, from Tom Seaver to Zack Wheeler

I want to thank Geof for surprising me with these Mets baseball cards (and a Mets windbreaker.) They brightened my day, and are giving me something to talk about besides last night’s discouraging loss to the Brewers.



How can you go wrong with Tom Seaver? (I haven’t bought any Gypsy Queen cards this year – is this a parallel or did they go black & white with the set?)


I wonder how David Wright really feels about the Mets’ current lineup compared to the more star-studded teams he played on earlier in his career.


1980s nostalgia


And some guys on the current team.

I especially appreciate all of the 2014 baseball cards since I haven’t been able to buy many this year.

I’ll be looking for a way to pay this act of generosity forward in the near future. (And if you want to see where some of my New York Yankees baseball cards found a new home, check out The Lost Collector’s blog.)