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A quick trip to Camden

Campbell's Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Campbell’s Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Saturday, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy with a friend and then we traveled on to Camden to watch the Somerset Patriots play the Camden Riversharks. If you didn’t catch the film this weekend, you’re missing out on one of the best movies of the summer.

I also recommend going to a baseball game in Camden if you have the opportunity. While the city does not have the best reputation, Campbell’s Field is in a safe area near tourist attractions like Adventure Aquarium (formerly the New Jersey State Aquarium) and the Battleship New Jersey Museum as well as the Rutgers-Camden campus.

You can see the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background of this photo taken during the  player introductions before an Atlantic League playoff game in 2008 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
You can see the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background of this photo taken during the player introductions before an Atlantic League playoff game in 2008 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

The beautiful ballpark offers a spectacular view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge if you’re sitting on the first base side of the field. The food is good, and the menu includes a few popular specialties like crab fries. (Unfortunately, there were no crab fries available on Saturday.) Vendors and gameday staff members are polite and attentive.

The Camden Riversharks do have a somewhat higher ticket price than other New Jersey teams: $14 for seats at the  100 level (closest to the field) and $13 for the 200 level. (Compare with Somerset at $13.50/$10.50 or Trenton at $13/$12.) It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but it is an oddity considering that both Somerset and Trenton draw significantly bigger average crowds.

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Somerset won the game that we saw 5-2, completing their sweep of a separate admission double-header. The relatively quick-moving game remained competitive until the end – Camden brought the potential tying run to bat in the bottom of the ninth. However, Somerset got the better pitching Saturday night and a few close calls by the umpires broke their way.

After the game we enjoyed a fireworks show. (Tip: you have a better view of the fireworks from outside the stadium on the third base side – you can see them against the backdrop of the bridge instead of the ballpark stands.)


I also picked up one more autograph for my collection. When Daryle Ward played for the Newark Bears, I had purchased his 2005 Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day locker nameplate for a few dollars from someone who was getting rid of it. I finally had a chance to get it signed this weekend, and it looks great – Ward is among the few active baseball players with a legible autograph.

7 thoughts on “A quick trip to Camden

  1. Took my boys to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” on Friday. You’re right, it is a very good film. Better than I expected, actually. As for the photos, very nice, especially of the bridge in the background. I was surprised to see that Daryle Ward is still active. I remember when he was a bit of a prospect. I once owned him on a fantasy baseball team.
    Nice job,


    1. Thank you. I was surprised to see Ward sign with the Patriots last month too – I thought he’d retired after last season with Lancaster.


  2. I was there at Campbell’s Field for the 11 AM matinee on July 24 vs. Long Island. You’re right, Paul, this must be one of the most picturesque panoramas in all of Minor League Ball, affiliated or not.

    My son and I took the train from central NJ to 30th Street Station in Philly, and SEPTA to PATCO’s City Hall station in Camden. We walked six blocks to and from the ballpark, and were outnumbered five-to-one by vigilant policemen on bicycles during our walks. As during past visits, we had a great time, with Camden walking off on a 4-3 ninth inning come-from-behind win.


    1. Interesting … I’ve never considered that particular public transit option. When I’ve made the trip on my own, I’ve taken the train to Trenton and switched over to the Riverline light rail to Camden.


  3. The cost of my trip was more expensive, but faster; your way via NJT River Line is cheaper, but longer in duration. Both ways have their merits. 🙂


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