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WSJ offers update on an empty ballpark & a team that is no more

Riverfront Stadium in 2012 (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
Riverfront Stadium (File Photo – credit: Paul Hadsall)

Curious about what’s going on with one of the Newark Bears’ last owners and Riverfront Stadium in Newark? The Wall Street Journal has an update for you.

Doug Spiel says he has finally found someone to buy the Newark Bears’ team bus. Now he can motor ahead to the next chapter of his life, which also includes baseball, but at a much smaller price.

Newark and Essex County share more than $2 million in annual debt obligations on the park until 2029, so they can’t afford to let the place sit. They need to attract a team, and management, with drawing and staying power.

Check out the article for details.

3 thoughts on “WSJ offers update on an empty ballpark & a team that is no more

  1. Thanks for sharing the article, Paul.

    Nice to see that Spiel is still in denial. Crime and its resultant reporting was the issue people didn’t come? Baloney as the train station was an easy walk and the parking garage was safe and it was easy on and off from 21 & 280. Poor marketing and the move down to the Can Am killed them as there was a more pleasant ballpark to go to that’s an easier drive from those coming from the north and west. One day he’ll learn that.

    Let’s see how he does with that fall league thing. If it’s anything like what he and Dronet did with the Bears, it’ll die. Some people just shouldn’t go into business. I think Spiel is one of them.


    1. I’ve been told that the only people who usually go to Arizona Fall League are scouts, autograph collectors & friends and family of the players. I don’t think anybody has a chance of making money with a lesser fall league.

      Newark’s reputation did keep some people away, but the quality of the product and lack of promotion did more harm, I think.


  2. What looks to be an indy league working the same corner as the MLB prospects fall league? With that thought process, it’s no wonder the Bears went under.

    Was there anyone in the Bears organization to tell Spiel and Dronet that they were seriously misguided?

    Too bad there aren’t “put” options for what Spiel is planning to do. I’d buy a boatload in a heartbeat.


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