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Ticket from Bartolo Colon’s 200th career win

With Bartolo Colon set to try for career victory #201 later today, I thought it was a good time to show off the ticket from his milestone 200th victory that my friend Fred sent me last week.

Colon has been one of my favorite players on the Mets this year (except when he’s been driving me crazy.)

I love that a 41-year-old man who has never really looked like anyone’s idea of a professional athlete can successfully compete in Major League Baseball. (Except on those rare days where Colon looks like he showed up to pitch for Home Run Derby.)

Colon’s at-bats are some of the most entertaining television on SNY (except when there are runners on base and he doesn’t even come close to getting a bunt down.)

Even so, I wouldn’t object if Sandy Alderson decided to trade Colon to a contender this week.