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A look at the Long Island Ducks’ 15th anniversary season baseball card set

From 2005 through 2010, I was very involved in following Atlantic League baseball. So I really enjoy sets like this year’s Long Island Ducks 15th Anniversary Season team set that my friend Kristi picked up for me during a recent trip to Bethpage Ballpark.

Ray-NavarreteThe 16-card set includes 13 players who were chosen as the best to play their position in franchise history, as well as the team’s best manager, a player who received the “final vote” and an unnumbered checklist card. I think all of the player choices are solid ones, but I’d be interested in hearing from any Ducks fans on what they think of the selections.

  1. C- Francsico Morales (2000-02)
  2. 1B – Doug Jennings (2000-05)
  3. 2B- Ray Navarrete (2006-13)
  4. SS- Dan Lyons (2011-14)
  5. 3B- Bryant Nelson (2007-13)
  6. OF- Justin Davies (2000-05)
  7. OF-Lew Ford (2009, 2011-14)
  8. OF-Kimera Bartee (2003-04)
  9. DH-Patrick Lennon (2002-05)
  10. LHP-Randy Leek (2007-10)
  11. RHP-John Brownell (2012-14)
  12. RP – Joe Valention (2007-10)
  13. CL – Bill Simas (2004, 2009-10)
  14. MGR- Kevin Baez (2011-14)
  15. Final Vote – Mike Loree (2011-12)

AARP sponsored this particular baseball card set… I will do my best not to ponder the significance of that fact. It’s interesting to see the different home uniforms they have worn across the years.

Mike-Loree Lew-Ford


One minor drawback – in several of the photos, shadows from the bill of the player’s cap hide their face to some degree. I understand that with the older players, photo selection may be limited. However, I’m sure the team could have provided a more flattering image of Kevin Baez.


The card backs include each player’s stats with the Long Island Ducks and a brief paragraph highlighting their achievements with the team.

Overall, this is a very nice baseball card set that should appeal to anyone who is interested in the Ducks or Atlantic League history.