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A few more Topps Heritage cards


There are just 14 games to go in the Mets’ season, and I’m still putting together my 2014 Topps Heritage team set.

One of the readers of my website was kind enough to offer to send me four of the cards that I still needed – Terry Collins, Jenrry Mejia, Zack Wheeler and Dillon Gee. (How many of them will be Mets in 2015?)

Eight more cards to go.


2 thoughts on “A few more Topps Heritage cards

  1. Matt Harvey was the most difficult card for me to get from Heritage this year. Actually had a black bordered, a logo variation, and a purple refractor Harvey before I got the base SP. Only ever got the one Grandy, too (though that was one of the first SPs I got). On the bright side, I did finish the set for the first time since they started doing the SP thing. If you don’t get them before I get around to it (which may be a while), I can send you the rest of the base Mets you need (obviously not including the Wright action variation). I’ve got a ton of those draft inserts, too.


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