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Winding down

Fall is in the air. For some fans, that means it’s time to get excited about postseason baseball. For others, it just means it’s almost time for the last game of the year.

There’s still time to catch a few more games before it’s all over, and I’m taking advantage of that opportunity.

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, visible beyond Campbell's Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge, visible beyond Campbell’s Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Sunday, I was in Camden to see the Somerset Patriots defeat the Riversharks 4-1 and move closer to clinching the second half Liberty Division title. (The Patriots already won the first half title & are in the playoffs.) You can see more of my photos on Flickr.

Tonight, I will be making what will probably be my final visit to Citi Field in 2014. Depending on what happens with the team and in my own life, who knows how much I will be back there in 2015?

I’d like to see Jacob deGrom get another win.