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Baseball Card of the Day: 2006 Topps Factory Set Bonus Henry Owens

I barely remember Henry Owens, the right-handed relief pitcher who appeared in three games for the 2006 New York Mets before being traded to the Florida Marlins for Jason Vargas. (In a few years, I will probably get him confused with Henry Owens, the left-handed starting pitcher who plays in the the Boston Red Sox organization.)

Henry-Owens Henry-Owens-B

In fact, if it weren’t for baseball cards I’m sure I would have forgotten the Owens that played for the Mets by now. He came to mind because I recently ran across this 2006 Topps Factory Set bonus card when I was looking through rkcollectibles‘ eBay inventory to see if they had anything else I might need when I bought my 2014 Stadium Club Mets team set.

In a bid to sell more factory sets in 2006, Topps included five cards from a 20-card bonus set of rookies along with all of the regular cards from Series 1 and 2. Unfortunately for collectors, Nick Markakis is the best player in the set and most are guys like Owens who didn’t manage to stick around for long.

When I bought the card for a dollar, I thought it might be Owens’ only one as a Met.  I was wrong – he’s got more Mets baseball cards than Mets innings pitched (2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects, 2006 Bowman Prospects, 2006 Topps 52, and 2006 Upper Deck in addition to this one.)

At least I probably still need it for my 2006 Mets team set (I haven’t checked yet.)

3 thoughts on “Baseball Card of the Day: 2006 Topps Factory Set Bonus Henry Owens

  1. I had my annual checkup earlier this year. The Dr. comes in, gives me an examination, then starts asking me questions about myself, like interests and such. I tell him that I’m a baseball fan. He then says, “I used to be a pitcher.” I’m thinking he probably meant college. He then adds that he was with the Pirates, Mets, and Marlins. I didn’t recognize him when he introduced himself, so when he left the room, I grabbed my phone and looked him up. Sure enough, he had pitched in the Majors for my favorite team, the Mets. When I got home, I went to eBay and ordered the card you have pictured. I hope to get him to sign it for me during my next checkup.


  2. I just checked my 2006 Binghamton Mets set for his card and found his 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects tucked in with the set. I knew that name sounded familiar


  3. Thanks for the heads-up. I just got my 2006 Binghamton Mets and 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects cards signed TTM by Mr. Owens. He added PA-C (Physician Assistant – ?) after his signature.


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