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2014 Topps Update Mets inserts

Yesterday we looked at the Mets cards in the 2014 Topps Update base set. Today it’s time to focus on the inserts.

All-Star Stitches is my favorite long-standing insert found in Topps Update because it’s the last relic card that actually makes any kind of claim about what game or event that the relic it contains is from. The Mets had one All-Star representative this year, and it was Daniel Murphy. There are versions of his card with red and blue jersey material swatches… since they were relatively inexpensive, I picked up one of each.




There are also a few more limited All-Star Stitches cards featuring Murphy: a gold parallel serial numbered to 50, a unique platinum parallel, a jumbo patch card serial numbered to 6, and a combo card featuring jersey swatches from both Murphy and Derek Jeter serial numbered to 25.

This year also brings us World Series Heroes, a set focusing on players who starred in the Fall Classic. My favorite player, Gary Carter, is featured on a regular card and an autographed version serial numbered to 25. (I wonder how many more autographed stickers Topps has left. Mookie Wilson, who was one of my late grandfather’s favorites near the end of his life, has a regular card and an autographed version serial numbered to 200. Hall of Famer Tom Seaver rounds out the trio of Mets in the set, with just a regular card. (Seaver does appear on a World Series Championship Trophy card, serial numbered to 99, that does not appear to be part of the World Series Heroes insert set.)

Gary-Carter Gary-Carter-B

Mookie-Wilson Mookie-Wilson-B

Tom-Seaver Tom-Seaver-B

Finally, the diecut mini cards inspired by the 1989 Topps design that appeared in Topps Series 1 and 2 continue in Topps Update. Two Mets are present: David Cone and David Wright. I’ve seen enough 1989 Topps cards to completely wallpaper a small house, but the design itself pleasant enough… Wright’s card could well be my favorite of the year.

David-Cone  David-Cone-B

David-Wright David-Wright-B