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Mets baseball card of the day: 2014 Topps Heritage Curtis Granderson

Curtis-Granderson Curtis-Granderson-b

2014 Topps Heritage card #497 is the first time that outfielder Curtis Granderson appeared on a baseball card as a member of the New York Mets.

If I’d gotten it in March or April, I’d have found it a little bit more exciting than I do now… but it is one less card I have to find for my 2014 Topps Heritage Mets team set. I certainly got a good deal – I won the card for 510 credits on Listia, which almost amounts to getting it for free.

With the arrival of the High Numbers update sets for Topps Heritage this week, my wantlist grew a bit. A surprising seven Mets players earned inclusion in the new 100-card factory set. They are:

  • H518 Daisuke Matsuzaka
  • H545 Rafael Montero
  • H549 Jacob DeGrom
  • H560 Eric Young Jr.
  • H578 Wilmer Flores
  • H588 Eric Campbell
  • H592 Travis D’arnaud

Let’s see if I can track down the last 11 cards (and two inserts) on my list before the 2015 Topps Heritage set comes out.

4 thoughts on “Mets baseball card of the day: 2014 Topps Heritage Curtis Granderson

  1. The Granderson is the only non-Hi# Met I need from 2014 Heritage, and I’m going to make an exception from my usual practices and also get the chrome Granderson – it shows him with the Yankees, so it’s kinda like a variation. It’s also cheaper than the short print.


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