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Mets baseball cards from Baseball Cards Magazine


Baseball Cards Magazine looked to Topps’ 1970 set design for its 1992 offering. The set expanded to 88 cards, and included glossy UV coating for the first time. Despite the larger set size, only one Mets player was included:

  • 56 John Franco


Mid-year in 1993, Baseball Cards Magazine became Sports Cards Magazine. Their baseball card set expanded to 95 cards in its final year. Again, only one Mets player was included:

  • 29 Eddie Murray

A few weeks ago, reader Geof sent me an envelope filled with many interesting things, including a nearly-complete run of the Mets cards from Baseball Cards Magazine. Many brought back memories, but a few were brand new discoveries.

Do you remember Baseball Cards Magazine?

2 thoughts on “Mets baseball cards from Baseball Cards Magazine

  1. I bought a few issues of Baseball Cards here and there, and I subscribed to it for a year or so at the end. I’ve got a bunch of these cards still in sheet form and, naturally, only one Met… The 1993 Eddie Murray. Even though they’re not really worth anything, I’d still like to pick up the rest some day.


    1. I think I subscribed in 1990 and 1991 after buying the magazine on the newsstand when possible in 1989. I found my panels of the 1990 & 1991 cards, but the ones I have from 1989 must have gotten put away somewhere else.

      These are the type of boom-era cards I still enjoy – they were common enough that I remember them, but not so common that I’ve seen a million of them in the years since then. 🙂


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