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Charlie Williams (1947-2015)

Charlie Williams' 1972 Topps baseball card
Charlie Williams’ 1972 Topps baseball card

We almost made it through January, but this week we lost two members of the New York Mets alumni family. As I noted on Wednesday, Bill Monbouquette passed away on Sunday.

And now we get word that 1970s pitcher Charlie Williams died Tuesday as the result of complications following surgery. Greg Prince wrote about the man Mets traded for Willie Mays in 1972, and I’d urge you all to read it.

(If today’s social media forums were around in 1972, I wonder what the reaction would have been to trading a talented home-grown pitcher who was born in Flushing for an aging superstar.)

Williams continued to receive autograph requests in the mail right up until the end of his life, his brother-in-law told New York Times reporter Patrick McGeehan. “It was a regular thing for a long time,” he said. “People would want to complete their collections.”

(Interesting enough, SportsCollectors.Net shows collectors who wrote to Williams and recorded their results had an 0-for-16 success rate over the years.)

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  1. I wouldn’t put much thought into that “0-for-16” TTM autograph success rate. Charlie’s been very sick for a very long time now. He was one of those people who was just hit by illness after illness. Among the illnesses was Parkinson’s. I seriously doubt he could even write his signature at all over the last few years.


    1. FWIW, Al Severinsen passed away this week as well. He was with the Mets in spring training 1973, having been acquired for Dave Marshall, but he didn’t make it to the regular season. I think he retired because of arm trouble, but I may be mis-remembering that. He was a relief specialist with the Orioles and Padres before the Mets obtained him. And, though he has no Mets connection, one of my favorite ballplayers ever–Rocky Bridges–also passed away. January is a cruel month.


  2. I did not hear about Bill Monbouquette.  He signed at Fenway last year. He was very sociable to everyone.  He did not look sick at all.  May he rest in peace.  I’m going to try to make the next White Plains card shows. I have cards of Matthews and Walton to sign.

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