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Running Press’s Doctor Who: K-9 Light-and-Sound Figurine

I got home from an overnight church leadership training retreat to find a small box full of nifty surprises that my friend Greg had sent me. This little guy is my favorite.


K-9 is a nice recreation of the Doctor’s faithful robotic dog companion from the Tom Baker-era who earned a new generation of fans with his appearances in the modern Doctor Who episode “School Reunion” and The Sarah Jane Chronicles spin-off show.

There’s some nice molded and painted detail, though K-9’s collar is only a piece of printed paper around his neck. The toy’s only articulation is a pair of wheels that allow him to roll along, but K-9 does have a cool “light and sound” feature.

Running Press’ K-9 figurine is similar in size to the one Character Options included in its David Tennant-era companions box set, and a tiny bit smaller than a Christmas tree ornament version I picked up last year.


While the K-9 figurine is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of the box, the included booklet is surprisingly detailed. It covers ground from K-9 Mark I’s introduction in the 1970s to K-9 Mark IV in the modern show era.

If you’ve seen this little box on the shelf at Barnes & Noble or some other store and you’ve been at all tempted to pick it up, go for it. This is a neat example of K-9 that you’ll want in your collection.