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Bluefish Offer Brian Williams Six-Month Paid Internship |

The Bluefish staff members are huge fans of [Brian] Williams, and are firm believers in second chances. The organization is hoping to provide him with a monthly stipend of $500, as well as an opportunity in sports reporting. “Our thought is to get Brian’s assistance in writing game reports following any Bluefish losses in 2015,” says Bluefish general manager Jamie Toole. “With his reporting style, we may even win a few of those games.”

– Official Site of the Bridgeport Bluefish: News

Now this just made me laugh.

The Trenton Thunder are also trying to capitalize on television personalities in the news this week, publicly inviting New Jersey native Jon Stewart to attend a game with his family after he retires from his duties as the anchor of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

4 thoughts on “Bluefish Offer Brian Williams Six-Month Paid Internship |

  1. Toole should be fired along with Williams. I guess there are some (many?) GMs in minor league ball who will throw anything that’s not nailed down at the wall to see what sticks.

    Why should Toole be fired? Because he’s playing opportunist and kicking a man (Williams) when he’s down. “With his reporting style, we may even win a few of those games (the ones they actually lost).” Oh, puh-leeeeze.

    As far as Trenton’s gesture to Stewart, that’s certainly more classy. But I hope they know that he’s a die hard Mets fan.


    1. The Trenton folks do – their press release specifically suggested the weekend that the Binghamton Mets were in town as an ideal time.


      1. I don’t think I would have sent out that Brian Williams press release. But if I owned the Bluefish, I’d be happy if people were talking about my team in February.

        We all know that the actual Atlantic League attendance numbers aren’t very meaningful, but Bridgeport has been at the bottom since Newark left the league. I think we judge Toole by what he is able to do to make the Bluefish more successful, not by whether he thinks he’s a comedian.


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