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Marvel Legends Captain Marvel (Hasbro, 2015)

I happened to be near a Toys R Us store today, so I thought I’d try my luck at finding Sabine for my Star Wars: Rebels collection. I struck out (and can probably forget about seeing her at that particular store, considering how many Zeb/Stormtrooper two-packs they have on the pegs.)

But the stop wasn’t a total waste of time – in the Marvel Legends section, I was pleasantly surprised to find most of The Allfather wave instead of shelf-worn leftovers from the Guardians of the Galaxy series. I snagged Captain Marvel, which was the one figure from this batch that I really wanted.

Nothing too exciting going on with the packaging, though I’m surprised that the character’s name doesn’t appear anywhere on the front of it.



As packaged, Captain Marvel is a good representation of Carol Danvers’ appearance from her 2012 series. (Her current look has a more conventional hair style.) Paint apps are generally good, though the blue plastic is still visible under the yellow bands on her arms in a few spots.

I’ve always felt that the articulation in the Marvel Legends line is a mixed blessing. The joints allow for posing in a lot of unique ways, but they also take something away from the overall look. That trade off is generally worth it, and if I had a spare flight stand that was compatible with Captain Marvel, I’d be showing you photos of all sorts of cool poses.

Since I don’t, I will note that I spent way too much time trying to position her ankles to allow her to to stand in a stable way and ended up grabbing a display stand meant for vintage Kenner Star Wars figures to use before I added her to my display shelf.


We also get an alternate head sporting a mask and mohawk look, and an energy effect that you can place on either of Captain Marvel’s fists.

I’m still debating whether I want to track down the rest of the pieces I’ll need to assemble King Thor or list the Build-A-Figure parts I have on eBay…. it will probably depend on whether I find Thor and Hawkeye again when I can afford to pick them up (and whether I can find somebody selling the other leg and the arms at a decent price.)