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A few more 2015 baseball cards

I picked up a few more packs of 2015 Topps baseball cards today – I didn’t want to let the coupon from my Target “value box” go to waste. Since I think everybody’s either well on their way to collecting whatever part of the set appeals to them (or doesn’t care about it at all), I’ll stick to the highlights.

Zack-Wheelr Bartolo-Colon

I found two more Mets for my team set (only eight more to go, and I think a few of those are in the mail to me.)

Zack-Wheeler-b Bartolo-Colon-b

I know I’m in the minority, but I think Bartolo Colon will be more entertaining this year than Zack Wheeler. At my age, I love to see old guys who can still go out and compete with the 20-somethings. And how can you fail to be entertained by Colon’s batting when no one is on base?

I also got some ex-Mets.

Jose-Reyes Jose-Reyes-b

Jose Reyes was a better find.

Martin-Prado Martin-Prado-b

And I found a short-printed photo variation of Martin Prado‘s card. It’s a cool photo, but it will be on its way to Phungo soon.

Ken-Griffey Griffey-b

I’m not sure which insert set this fantastic Ken Griffey Jr. card is from, but it was my favorite out of the packs that I opened today. It really is worth the trouble to track down the right photo to use on a baseball card – the smiling shot of the young star holding his All-Star MVP trophy makes this one so much better than a generic shot of Griffey would.

I don’t have a ton of extra inserts, but I do have a decent stack of base cards. If you’ve already set up a want list for 2015 cards, let me know. I even have some extra Mets cards available.

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    1. If you’ve got a 2015 Topps wantlist, I’ll be happy to send you some cards… I want to get rid of some of my extras so I’m not tempted to start thinking of putting together the set. With a few exceptions, I’m not really looking for more. 🙂


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