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Disney Infinity 2.0 Aladdin (Disney Interactive, 2014)

Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney movies, but there really weren’t a lot of action figures produced for it over the years. So I was quite happy to make room in my collection for the Disney Infinity versions of Aladdin and Jasmine even though I don’t own the game, especially when they arrived as an early birthday present.

The packaging is nice, but not nice enough to make me feel bad about opening it and throwing it out.

Once opened, Aladdin is a nicely-sculpted four-inch tall plastic statue. He matches the movie appearance down to the patch on his right knee. His pose is surprisingly versatile – on his own, Aladdin looks like he’s doing a “who, me?” routine.


Turned to a different angle and paired with Jasmine, Aladdin looks like he’s inviting her to join him on another misadventure.

Aladdin’s only accessory is a trading card that includes a code to unlock him in the computer version of the game.

While the Diseny Infinity figures are a bit limited, I like them quite a bit. Tomorrow we’ll take a better look at Jasmine.