One thought on “Andy Pettitte: “I don’t really believe I tried to enhance my performance” | HardballTalk

  1. The difference between Pettitte and A-Rod is that Pettitte comes across as nowhere as close to arrogant and in denial as A-Rod is and has and, therefore, we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Other than that, they’re the same guy. “(He doesn’t) really believe (he) tried to enhance his performance on the field” and he only took the stuff for two days, which is nowhere close to deciding whether or not the PED would have any effect and which turned out not to be true anyway? If he said, “I tried it (for however long). And it didn’t do for me what I thought it would and I gave it up. But, yes, I was a user and it was wrong,” or even “It took a while, but my conscience kicked in and, though I always looked for an edge anywhere possible, even this was over the line,” he’d hold a lot more credibility in my eyes as I expect a professional anything–athlete, whatever–to do whatever they think they can get away with to get whatever edge they think they can. I was a professional in my job before I retired. And, with the knowledge of my craft, I knew where I could lay back and where I could cut corners.

    So, as even chewing tobacco is a performance enhancer (see Klapisch’s column in The Record from a few months ago), I can’t blame a guy for trying stuff. Except, of course, that, unlike tobacco, which is sadly legal, steroids haven’t been in over 20 years, at least without a prescription.


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