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Disney Infinity 2.0 Jasmine (Disney Interactive, 2015)

Yesterday we looked at Aladdin from Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity 2.0 line, so today we’ll move on to Jasmine.

Jasmine is a new release and just hit stores this month. Her package design is basically the same as Aladdin’s, only with a different photo.

Disney Infinity figures are basically tiny plastic statues, so you shouldn’t expect any articulation like you would with a true action figure. But you do have a very nice representation of Jasmine as she appeared in Aladdin. I have no complaints with the sculpt. Paint ops are generally good, but there are a few small sloppy paint errors at Jasmine’s waist.


Like Aladdin, Jasmine’s only accessory is a trading card with a code to unlock her character in the computer version of the game.

The two figures from Aladdin are a wonderful addition to my collection and an excellent early birthday present.