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Funko Mini King Joffrey (Funko, 2015)

Game of Thrones Season four came out on blu-ray and DVD this week. Taking a page from the comic book industry, HBO released a slew of retailer-exclusive versions. Want a tote bag? Go to Barnes & Noble. Need to show your allegiance to House Targaryen? Go to Best Buy.

But let’s be real – I’m blogging about Tiny Plastic People, so of course I went to WalMart for the Funko Mini King Joffrey figure.

I was lucky enough to find a set where the Joffrey figure had no visible paint issues that I could see before opening the box. The other two in the store had very noticeable black paint marks on his face. Once you open up the outer box to free your Funko mini figure and get your discs, you can throw it out – the blu-ray set comes in its standard packaging inside.

Joffrey is the first Funko Mini from Game of Thrones in my collection, and I’m impressed with him. Standing about 2.5-inches tall, the tiny terror of King’s Landing is adorable. Joffrey’s scowl and glare do a great job of expressing the essence of his character, even to someone who never watched the show.

There is much more detailing on the figure than I expected for its size, particularly the crown and goblet. Joffrey’s robe even has a texture. Paint ops are hit and miss – if you get a good figure, he looks great… but you could get stuck with one that shouldn’t have made it through quality control.

Joffrey has a single point of articulation – you can turn his head. But that’s really all he needs.


This may be the only time that Tyrion has ever towered over one of his family members.

(Did anybody else watch Angel? Remember the “Smile Time” episode where Angel gets turned into a puppet? Seeing my Funko Legacy Tyrion next to my Funko Mini Joffrey reminded me of that.)

smile time



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