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Star Wars Rebels AT-DP Driver (Hasbro, 2014)

I was surprised to find an AT-DP Driver hanging on the pegs in Target last weekend, but I tried not to question my good fortune too much – they must have wanted to give me a birthday present. (Really, finding any 3.75″ scale Star Wars figures on the pegs is a victory these days.)

The packaging has gotten a bit smaller over the years, I think, but the cardbacks do a better job of presenting useful information now than they did when I was more actively collecting Star Wars figures. You get an image of the character and a brief explanation of who he is along with a checklist of other figures supposedly available.

The AT-DP Driver looks like a more heavily armored AT-ST Driver. He’s got the standard five-point articulation that Hasbro has gone back to for this line. If you’re used to all of the possibilities for posing that are offered by figures released in The Black Series in either scale, this has got to be another disappointing figure to you.

If you just need your AT-DP Driver to stand at attention or sit in your AT-DP vehicle, he can do that. I’ll save my articulation-related complaints for when I get to the Jedi and the Inquisitor.

For a relatively plain character, Hasbro invested some effort in bringing out the detail in his armor through sculpting and paint apps. I have no complaints in this regard.

The AT-DP Driver gets a standard Imperial blaster, so he fairs better than Agent Kallus on the accessory score.


We’ll finish looking at my Star Wars Rebels action figures, and then we’ll move on to the Marvel Legends figures I got for my birthday.

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