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It’s not Thor’s Day, but here are some Noah Syndergaard cards to look at

The New York Mets fell below the .500 mark tonight and are 3.5 games behind the Washington Nationals in second place in the National League East after managing just two hits over eight innings against journeyman Jimmy Nelson.

The team isn’t hitting, which is hardly a surprise when they are forced to field a lineup that includes more members of the Las Vegas 51s Opening Day lineup than players they’d counted on to perform. To no one’s surprise, the Mets are not a good fielding team… and errors, mental or physical, always loom larger when you’re not scoring runs. And the bullpen is faltering… again, not a surprise considering how many pitchers the Mets were counting on have been hurt or suspended.

That all adds up to a team that is not very fun to watch right now. I don’t even want to imagine how frustrating things are for the Mets players.

The one bright spot for the 2015 Mets is a core of young pitchers who could be part of a wonderful future in Queens. My friend Greg added to my Noah Syndergaard baseball card collection this week with a few autographs and a mini refractor from one of last year’s Bowman sets.



Thanks, Greg. Hopefully one day soon, the Mets will put together a better team to go with their rotation of potential future aces.