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That futile feeling….

Citi-Field-Night-IMG_201209The New York Mets’  brain trust did two things today that fans have been hoping for since the All-Star Break. They promoted outfielder Michael Conforto from Double-A Binghamton (about 13 months after he was drafted with the 10th overall selection last year) and they made a trade to acquire help for the major league offense.

It didn’t help, as the Mets lost 7-2 to the Dodgers and are now 2-6 since the break, just one game over the .500 mark for the season. But the Nationals also lost again, so the Mets remain just three games out of first place in the NL East.

Conforto drove in a run with a ground out in his second major league at-bat, but otherwise was a non-factor in the game. So were most of the other Mets batters.

The trade has yet to be officially announced by the Mets or Braves, but it should improve New York’s roster without costing the organization any players who factored into any immediate plans. Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe add depth, but they are not really the kind of players who can make a bad offense into a good one.

Much like the Michael Cuddyer signing last winter, I like the move if it’s the first step of a plan to retool the Mets’ lineup. But if it’s the only trade that happens in the waning days of July, I don’t see that much point. (And considering how the Cuddyer signing turned out so far, I have to admit that I don’t have a very good record evaluating player acquisitions.)

One thought on “That futile feeling….

  1. The only good news is that the Mets didn’t give away much to get these guys. At 21, Whalen seems to be the one with more of an upside. But Uribe is 36; Johnson is 33; both are on the downside of so-so careers and I don’t see these guys as any more than rent-a-players. And, if the goal is to limp into the playoffs, there have got to be better rent-a-players out there.

    Selective memory but, except for the Toronto deal, the Mets’ recent history in acquiring/signing players is poor. $60 million for Granderson, who has trouble hitting .250, $21 million for Cuddyer, who came in as damaged goods and was on the downside of his career, even $20 million for Colon, though he eats up the innings and if he can mentor the young ‘uns, it might have been a decent signing.

    I mean this is an upgrade over Mayberry and Muno. But don’t take that as a glowing endorsement. Bottom line, if the Mets want to get some serious offense, they’re going to have to part with a starting pitcher. Or spend a busload of money. The Mets’ offense is anemic, but Uribe and Johnson don’t scream “offense,” either.


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