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World Series Bound

The Washington Nationals were supposed to be better than the Mets. Their season ended on October 4th.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. The Mets beat Kershaw and Greinke, and the Dodgers’ season ended on October 15th.

Back to the Future II said the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2015. The Cubs’ season did end on October 21st, but their final game resulted in a loss for them, not a victory celebration.

The Mets are still playing. On Tuesday night, they will face the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series.

I never imagined I’d be writing those words in March, during that 10-game win streak at the start of the season, or during that amazing August run led by Yoenis Cespedes. I was starting to believe it could happen after the NLDS victory. But even now, it still feels like a dream.

This has been a magical season. I hope the Mets have a few more surprises and one more celebration to share with us.

Let’s go Mets!

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