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Comeback Players of the Year

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey pitches against the Miami Marlins on June 8, 2013 at Citi Field (Photo credit: Paul Hadsall)

Congratulations to Matt Harvey, who capped off a successful comeback from Tommy John surgery by pitching for the National League Champion Mets in the World Series. (Never mind that Terry Collins will probably be answering questions about leaving Harvey in for the ninth inning of Game 7 longer than he’s been asked about letting Johan Santana throw 134 pitches in his 2012 no-hitter.)

The American League award is generating some controversy, mainly because there’s no publicly available criteria for determining who should win it. Alex Rodriguez had an amazing year, especially considering his age and that he’d missed better than a year and a half due to injury and a PED suspension. But I don’t see why a player should be able to win an award for coming back from a PED suspension, no matter how great his season was (or how unjust the PED suspension was.)

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  1. Yeah, they got these right. ARod showed class & humility all year, played fantastic, and the length of his suspension WAS beyond unjust, but he *did* use PEDs at some point, so it wasn’t like he was an innocent victim. Meanwhile, Prince came back from major neck surgery to hit over .300 with pretty decent power. Some folks are just looking for an excuse to get upset, I think.

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