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Spring Fever

David Wright's 2015 Topps Spring Fever baseball card
David Wright’s 2015 Topps Spring Fever baseball card

I was hoping for a different outcome to the World Series, but I’m not really going through baseball withdrawal yet. (That usually happens shortly after Christmas.)

But long before January, I hope to have the baseball cards that are now sitting on my desk squared away, so I’m going to show you this David Wright card now.

For the last few years, Topps has done a promotion with select hobby shops that lets customers get free “Spring Fever” baseball cards if they purchase a certain amount of Series 1 baseball cards. With no hobby shops in my area and little inclination to buy a bunch of packs, I end up resorting to eBay if there are any Mets included in the set. David Wright’s card cost me a dollar (including shipping.)