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Welcome the New Britain Bees to the Atlantic League

(New Britain Bees image)
(New Britain Bees image)

New Britain’s new Atlantic League team has an identity: The Bees.

According to a press release, “New Britain’s nickname, the ‘Hardware City’, is inspired by its manufacturing heritage as well as its status as home to Stanley Black & Decker, a world leading provider of tools and storage. Its motto – – ‘Industry fills the hive and enjoys the honey’ – – is a direct reference to this robust history and inspired the new Bees’ identity.”

“Bees” beat out Stingers, Hornets, Hammer, and Hard Hitters to become the team’s new name.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Bees’ uniforms… and I’m happy we have an Atlantic League team that doesn’t appear to use red or navy blue as one of their colors. If I make it out to New Britain Stadium next year, I’ll need to pick up a cap for my Atlantic League collection.

2 thoughts on “Welcome the New Britain Bees to the Atlantic League

  1. I still would’ve preferred Stingers, but I like Bees as well. It strikes me as a fairly old-school name for the Atlantic League, but that’s not a bad thing.

    In reading up about the unveiling, I found out that New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart is 28 years old. I really didn’t need to know that the mayor of a decent-sized city was born the year I graduated college.

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