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1960s Mets pins

My friend Greg found me some more neat New York Mets pins, so let’s take a look at all the ones in my collection from the first decade of the team’s history.


This pin, which is about the size of a quarter is the smallest and likely the oldest of the ones I received today. It dates back to 1962 and was part of a set distributed by Guy’s Potato Chips. (You can find out a little more about the pins at KeyMan Collectibles.)


This “Mr. Met” pin is the largest of the batch I got today, measuring about six inches in diameter. It’s a really neat display piece, but I can’t imagine actually wearing something that size as a pin.

Does anyone know when Mr. Met lost his quotation marks?


This “Courtesy is Contagious” pin is about four inches in diameter, and was likely worn by vendors and/or ushers at Shea Stadium. It also came into my collection courtesy of Greg.

mr-met-ribbon I’ve had this “Mr. Met” pin since I was in high school. The pin portion is about two inches in diameter. The ribbons, which definitely look their age, probably started out as blue and orange. The left ribbon has always looked purple to me.


This “Go Mets!” button is about four inches in diameter and was part of a 1969 New York Daily News promotional campaign created by John Campi It features an illustration by cartoonist Bill Gallo. It’s another one of Greg’s new additions to my Mets pin collection.


Here are a couple of ribbon buttons celebrating the Mets’ 1969 World Series victory that are part of my collection courtesy of Greg. The buttons are about two inches in diameter.


Finally, here’s a button featuring Mr. Met and the slogan “We’re No. 1” that I’ve always thought related to the Mets’ first World Championship. However, the “Still No. 1” slogan on the ribbons above makes me wonder if it’s older. It was a baseball card show bargain a few years ago, back when their were still baseball card shows to attend.

Thanks for the cool new additions, Greg, as well as for inspiring me to share photos of some of the pins that were already part of my collection.

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  1. I distinctly remember ushers wearing the ‘Courtesy is Contagious’ buttons in the mid-1980s. I also bought one from a card show around that same time. I hung the button on a chain from the rear view mirror of my used 1980 Chevy Citation.

    The Citation’s long gone, but I do still have the button. I do regret hanging it from my car’s mirror, however: the orange bill faded to gray, as did the blue ink, to a lesser degree.

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