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Washington Nationals "Inside Pitch" program baseball cards

From 2009-2014, the Washington Nationals included a pair of baseball cards as an insert in each issue of their “Inside Pitch” gameday program.


Here’s a look at the two from a 2010 program that my friend Bart brought back for me as a souvenir from his trip to Nationals Park.

Clyde’s Stale Cards is trying to document the full run of the team-issued baseball cards. If you’ve got any Nationals programs lying around, why not head over there and see if you can fill in a few of the gaps on those checklists.

4 thoughts on “Washington Nationals "Inside Pitch" program baseball cards

  1. I have a couple of these from a handful of times I’ve seen the Mets in DC; they always made me jealous because the Nats had free programs which included baseball cards. Sure, they were on so-thin-it’s-just-barely-cardboard cardstock, but they were free and they were baseball cards. If I liked the Nats at all, I would’ve been all over these.

    I didn’t realize they stopped doing these because I only go into Nationals Park when the Mets are visiting, it’s far enough that I can only go to weekend day games, and the Mets haven’t been in DC on a weekend since 2013 (I think). That “no weekend Mets” scheduling is a trend that continues into 2016, and after three years I can no longer view this as being a quirk in the schedule, but something the Nats ask for in order to minimize the “invasion” of Mets fans. Just another reason to regard the Nationals organization with disdain.

    And now, I’ll stop my kvetching and head over to Clyde’s Stale Cards to check out h is post…

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    1. I keep meaning to get to DC to see that park, but money and/or scheduling issues always seem to interfere. I hadn’t noticed the “No weekend games in DC” thing, but I agree it’s disappointing.


      1. Every ballpark is interesting on a first visit, at least. One of these days…I did finally get to Camden Yards in 2015. ☺


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