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Mets announce player-focused promos

This week, the Mets sent out an email highlighting various player-focused promotions they have planned for the 2016 season.

On August 27th, they will be giving away Matt Harvey bobbleheads. On April 30, it’s Noah Syndergaard-en gnomes. Here’s hoping I can make it to at least one of those games.

On September 17th, it’s Jacob deGrom hair hats… which sounds a bit off-the-wall, but could actually be kinda fun, especially if it works out for deGrom to pitch that day.

But some of the other ones are just… weird. August. 28th is Steven Matz lunch bag day. And that might be ok, if it was a kids’ back to school giveaway… but even then, is Matz the one Met you’d want on your lunch bag? September 18th is David Wright eye black day… again, maybe fun for kids. But both are for the first 15,000 fans.

master has given dobby a sockMay 1st’s giveaway is Curtis Granderson baseball socks. Because we all get as excited about socks as Dobby, of course. July 10th is Asdrubal Cabrera wristband day…because we’ll all love Asdrubal by July, naturally.

Ah well, at least they tried… and Free Shirt Friday is back.


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  1. I don’t know if it’s been announced publicly, but a former Met told me that he was recently contacted by the team to see if he could attend a 30th anniversary pre-game celebration of the ’86 season. That’s a game I’d love to be in attendance for.

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