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We got Yo! (and snow…)

The snow plows on the Garden State Parkway woke me up, and the news I saw on my phone’s lock screen made me not really mind so much.

Yoenis Cespedes has agreed to a three-year contract with the Mets, with an opt-out after the first season. He’ll get $27.5 million this year, and $75 million over the life of the contract if he does not exercise the opt-out clause.

Score another win for Sandy Alderson. The 2016 Mets should be strong playoff contenders again.

(And yes, the snow is here too, but the blizzard conditions are waiting for it to be time for me to go to work.)


3 thoughts on “We got Yo! (and snow…)

  1. I was just circling some of the prominent Mets blogs to get the “fans” take on signing Cespedes. It went without saying that, had they not signed him, all heck would have been rained down upon Alderson and the Wilpons. So we got the man they said we had to have and…….nope, the Mets “fans” are STILL complaining. Honestly, I knew it would be true. Today’s Mets “fans” are only Mets “fans” so they can hate the team. Hate, hate, hate. I don’t get it. That was never my understanding of what being a fan was all about, but, clearly, love and logic have left the building and I’ve just gotten too old to understand these people.


      1. Not to pimp another blog, but Faith & Fear in Flushing didn’t cover this until today (they had a completely different but brilliant piece on another subject yesterday). The people that frequent that site are true Mets fans. They are celebrating the signing. How others could not escapes me. But its good to know that some of the faithful still are.

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