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Terry Collins sets high bar for the 2016 Mets

Signed Terry Collins 2011 Topps Heritage baseball card from my collection

Gone are the days of hoping for “meaningful games in September” or just trying to compete.

Mets manager Terry Collins has loftier goals for his squad, which came within three games of winning their third World Series championship last season.

“We’ve got to go back,” Collins told The New York Post. “Let’s win it all.”

“How are we going to go about doing that? I’ll tell you exactly how: We’re not changing it up much, but we’ve got to run the bases this much better, we have to strike out this much less, play a little more defense in the World Series.”

I don’t know how it will turn out (and really, where would the fun be in playing out the baseball season if I did?) but it is refreshing to hear talk about the Mets aiming to “win it all” and believe that they mean it.

The Mets still played their home games at Shea Stadium the last time I was this optimistic about a baseball season.