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It's 1986 all over again on Sundays at Citi

The New York Mets announced today that they will be wearing 1986-style throwback jersesys in all of their Sunday home games this season to help mark the 30th anniversary of the popular World Championship team.

If you want to buy your own authentic jersey, I hope you’ve got a fair amount of cash and don’t mind looking a bit… doofy.

wright authentic
( image)

With player name and number, authentic alts will set you back $332.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax from the shop. They also have the new air belt feature, which is intended to make life better for baseball players who will be tucking their jerseys in, but it probably isn’t a look most fans are going to want to sport themselves.

Wright cool base
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If that’s not your thing, there are also Cool Base versions of the jerseys which are a bit more affordable at $119.99 plus shipping and any applicable tax. But they’re missing the 25th anniversary sleeve patch and the front number.

I don’t expect either version of the new Mets’ alternate jersey to find its way into my closet. This is my favorite home jersey style, but if I’m spending that kind of money on a wardrobe item it needs to be something that can be worn for something more important than a trip to the ballpark.


4 thoughts on “It's 1986 all over again on Sundays at Citi

  1. I agree. Pricing is outrageous. I won’t buy one. Also, they lied with previous articles insinuating these throwback jersey’s would be THE home jersey for the entire year. Oh well..


    1. I think that was just wishful thinking on the part of 80s racing stripes enthusiasts. Making it a Sunday alt seems like a good call – we get to see it often, but not so often that we realize it was left in the 1980s for a reason. 😅


  2. What I would really like to wear is the replica 1980’s BP jersey I’ve owned all along… But I have to lose a number of pounds for that to happen.

    I hope this is just a slight error in the mockups, but the numbers on front and back and name-on-back look too small. I find it a little jarring, myself.


  3. Ugly uniforms. Not as bad as the 1994’s, but ugly. Stick with the traditional pinstripes, Mets. Anything else is an ugly uniform created for an ugly purpose (money).


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