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Rogue Monday?

I mentioned last week that my “Rogue Friday” experience on September 30th was kinda hit and miss…Target and Toys ‘R’ Us had new merchandise from Rogue One, A Star Wars Story; Walmart did not.

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Well, at some point between Friday morning and Monday afternoon, Walmart finally put out their new display and merchandise. Now at this stage, I was only looking for an exclusive that could only be found at Walmart: Funko’s Pop! vinyl figure of rebel reactionary Saw Gererra.


I’ve no aspirations to be a completest on the Rogue One Pops!, so I’m trying to wait until after I see the movie to decide which characters stood out enough that I’d want to display them. But I’ve learned with exclusives, it’s best to buy them when you see them.

On Sunday, my two remaining Wave One Hasbro 3.75″ action figure two packs arrived from Amazon.


First we have Moroff, an alien mercenary who appears to be a cross between a wookie and a wampa, and a Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader. The Scarif troopers are proving surprisingly popular in the early going, but Moroff is the clear winner from this set. In fact, he’s my new favorite Rogue One action figure.


Hasbro’s been including a variety of accessories designed to enhance play value. This set comes with a nicely detailed backpack with flick missile launchers that Moroff can wear… and it really doesn’t look too bad on him. Here’s hoping that Moroff is actually in Rogue One, and then let’s hope he’s more than just background filler… this action figure is too cool to bury in a box with Constable Zuvio, Sarco Plank, and all those 20-year-old Shadows of the Empire figures.


Slightly overshadowed is the other Rogue One two-pack, featuring a Death Trooper and an alien commando. They’re nicely detailed, but they just don’t capture my imagination quite like a wookie wampa with a BFG.


Also on Monday, I received three out of four figures from the latest wave of 3.75″ Black Series figures, available exclusively at Walmart. (Lando is still in transit, but should be on his way.) They’re re-releases of Vintage Collection action figures from a few years ago, but they’re still nice to have – especially if you missed the original release. Ahsoka in particular had commanded a high secondary market price.

I’d like to thank my friend Greg for helping me to add all of these new action figures to my collection.