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Aubrey Huff, artist, and Noah Syndergaard, superhero

Aubrey Huff was a pretty good baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and others, last appearing in the major leagues in 2012 with the San Francisco Giants.

He’s also an artist and seemingly a fan of Marvel superheroes. If you looked at Huff’s Twitter feed today, you’d have seen paintings of Iron Man and Captain America that he’s hoping to get signed by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans for a charity auction.

But for his painting of Thor, Huff didn’t turn to Chris Hemsworth. Instead, he asked the New York Mets’ version of Thor, Noah Syndergaard, if he’d sign the painting.

This made me smile and wish that I could afford to bid on Huff’s paintings.

2 thoughts on “Aubrey Huff, artist, and Noah Syndergaard, superhero

  1. I’m wondering if the actors ever got back to Huff about signing his art? If they did, they sure didn’t reply as quickly as Noah Syndergaard.


    1. Good question… I have no clue how active they are on Twitter or whether they run their own accounts or have a staff member do it for them.


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