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Old & new

Last week, John from California found a Nolan Ryan reprint in some packs of 2017 Topps Series 1 baseball cards that he’d opened, and he offered to send it my way.

Ryan is the only Met featured in a 10-card “Rediscover Topps” promo set. The fronts are reprints of classic Topps cards of some of the game’s biggest stars of the past and present, ranging from Jackie Robinson to Mike Trout. The backs talk about Topps’ traditional baseball cards available at retail and hobby shops, Topps Bunt digital baseball cards and Topps Now cards available for 24 hours only at

When I received the envelope, it seemed a bit thick for one baseball card. John had also included some other 2017 baseball cards of stars of the past.


I got a copy of the Jackie Robinson “Rediscover Topps” promo card, a “Topps Salute” card of Lou Brock, and and an MLB Debut medallion card of Henry Aaron.

The “Topps Salute” set is a 100-card insert series that’s found one card per four packs in hobby boxes. There are three Mets included: Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Yoenis Cespedes.


The MLB Debut medallion cards were last year’s “guaranteed box hit” in retail blasters. Dwight Gooden, Matt Harvey, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Noah Syndergaard and David Wright appeared representing the Mets in this insert set that ran across both Series 1 and Series 2.


I love that Topps is trying to promote the legacy of their brand by focusing on some of baseball’s greatest players, but I can’t help thinking that MLB and their promotional partners should be spending more time showcasing the great players of today’s game and the amazing things that they can do.

Thanks for the cards, John.