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Topps Now 2017

1493779390145-a4ac032b-9195-4d3c-ba8f-601cd67c360c_Last year, a fellow Mets fan surprised me with a bunch of the Topps Now cards released during the team’s Wild Card-winning season.

For those unfamiliar with Topps Now, just about every day during the baseball season, Topps produces one or more baseball cards focusing on a highlight from the previous days’ games. Those cards are available for 24 hours, and Topps prints however many people buy.

(So far, the biggest print run for a Topps Now card was 11,550 for one commemorating Ichiro’s 3000th hit last season. The smallest print run is 143 for a card celebrating an Elvis Andrus walk-off single in April.)


The first Mets player featured in this year’s regular season set was Yoenis Cespedes, marking his three home run game on April 11 in a victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

At that point on the calendar, I was feeling a lot more optimistic about the Mets’ season than I am now and I decided I would try to keep up with the Topps Now offerings for 2017.

Here’s hoping there will be more Mets highlights to celebrate before the year is over.

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