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Gaming Log: Fate/Grand Order – Thanksgiving

So last week, the Fate/Grand Order developers made a surprise announcement at AnimeNYC. North America would be getting a special Thanksgiving event, combining elements of Japan’s Scáthach banner and New Year’s 2016 events.

The highlight is the Thanksgiving Celebration Summon, a guaranteed opportunity to get one of nine five-star servants if you do a paid 10-card summon. Under normal circumstances, you have a one percent chance of drawing one of the game’s best servants. I’ve been playing for five months and had gotten exactly one.

So I made my first purchase in the game yesterday, and tried my luck at getting caster Tamamo no Mae again. Just as at Halloween, she did not respond to my call. Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II), more commonly known as Waver and one of the game’s best currently-available support casters, did come though.


With reasonably good luck, I decided to take one last chance at summoning Okita Souji. And I got the bare minimum – one four-star craft essence that I am not likely to use, and a few duplicate three-star servants and craft essences. At least I was able to use the duplicate Medusa cards to make her a little bit stronger.


I also took a shot at Scáthach. While the banner’s poster girl stayed away, my caster luck continued. Medea Lily, the best currently-available healer in the game, decided to come to me.


As a further consolation prize, I got a copy of the Fragments of 2030 craft essence – one of the better ones in the game.


I have a few summon tickets left – I’ll probably try them tomorrow when Gilgamesh is available on rate-up. Maybe I’ll get really lucky, but I’ll probably just end up with a selection of black keys and nice boats.

The Scáthach trial quest – which I didn’t get to until today – was a bit of unexpected fun. There’s actually a little bit of a story to it, though since my servants are way above the recommended levels the fights weren’t much of a challenge.


If you’re playing Fate/Grand Order, how have you been doing on the recent banners?