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I’m back…

So…it’s been over a month since you’ve heard from me. Spring training is just about over and Opening Day is next week.

I’d like to tell you that I disappeared because I’ve been super busy with other things… and I suppose that’s even accurate, if you count binge-watching Netflix as a thing. But it’s more truthful to admit that depression has been an issue. Compared to what I went through in my early 20s, this was fairly mild. I still went to work and did everything I had to do (though, if we’re being truthful, some of those things were not done on time, exactly.) I stuck to plans with friends, as long as I didn’t have to make them and they came to get me.

But I had no energy left for things that I enjoy, like writing. None. And I couldn’t even really tell you why.

This past week has been a little bit better. I actually felt like taking photos. I started working on things for my garden (in between the snowstorms). I wrote some autograph request letters. I made plans to go to Chiller Theater with my friend Bart next month. I went to see a student production of Sweeney Todd at my old high school last night, on my own. I’m thinking about going to the Bronx Zoo next week on my day off. I’m writing again.

Here’s hoping I don’t disappear again.