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A few new autographs…

I’m loving the New York Mets’ start this season (9-1 is the best in franchise history), but I haven’t been having a ton of luck with baseball autographs lately. I went 0-for-5 with the requests I mailed out to spring training camps and just got a return to sender from Dusty Baker last week.

I started working on my non-baseball autograph collections more this year, and I’ve gotten four new photos to add to my albums this week.

Band CCI04112018_0003

First up is a signed photo of two of the members of the cantina band from the original Star Wars film. Speedy Turtle Autograph Service ran private signings with Kim Falkinburg and Jibralta Merrill, two ILM staff members who were drafted to play band members and my dual-signed photo arrived on Monday.


Also on Monday, I received an envelope of photos signed by Judson Scott. Scott played Khan’s lieutenant Joachim in Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan. I sent him a photo of Joachim on the bridge of the U.S.S. Reliant, and Scott signed it for me and also included a signed promo photo of himself as that character, as well as a signed photo of himself as Commander Rekar, from “Message in a Bottle,” one of my favorite Star Trek: Voyager episodes.

Rekar CCI04112018