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Game 43: Newark 8, Lancaster 3

rainbow P1050022

Between  railroad delays and sidewalk construction, getting out to the ballpark was a bit more difficult than usual Wednesday night.

I still managed to get to Newark in time to get some of the Barnstormers to sign their cards from the 2010 team set, but I’ll have to get back over there today to try and finish.

It was an odd night at the ballpark. The clouds looked ready to open up on us at any moment, but aside from a little drizzle the evening remained dry. Just before sunset, we had a rainbow spanning the sky above the outfield.

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Weekend in Trenton

Waterfront Park
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I’m kinda late in writing about the two games I went to this weekend, but I’d rather talk about them than waste more pixels on the K-Rod situation.

Former Mets pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez is pitching for the Harrisburg Senators, and I wanted to see him one more time. I was also hoping to get an autograph so I could cross one more name off my Mets autograph wantlist.

I didn’t have luck on either count. El Duque pitched Friday, the game I didn’t go to. The only time I caught a glimpse of him all weekend was when the Senators went out on the field for team handshakes at the end of Saturday’s win.

He didn’t sign many autographs, either. I heard that he signed for one or two kids. For the most part, he ignored people. I was hoping he’d be more fan-friendly, but I’m not terribly surprised that he wasn’t.

Fortunately, there was still the fun of watching baseball and spending time with friends.

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Game #40: Somerset 9, Newark 6

My friends and I met up again at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium on Sunday. We saw a slow-moving, sloppy game with questionable umpiring, bad base running and a lot of runs. Somerset defeated the Bears 9-6 to avoid being swept in the three-game series.

Bill Pulsipher P1040939
Bill Pulsipher

Bill Pulsipher, now just two months short of his 37th birthday, started the game for Somerset. One of the batters he faced in Newark’s lineup was Carl Everett, 39. On the hill for the Bears was Matt Smith, about seven months younger than me. It’s nice to watch a game and not feel quite so old as I do when I hear about Delino DeShields Jr. signing a contract, but baseball is a young man’s game.

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Game 39: Another Walk-Off Win – Newark 4, Somerset 3

Josh Pressley AB P1040894

I was back at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium in Newark with my friends Saturday night, so I didn’t get to see Johan Santana’s gem. I did get to see the Bears’ third straight walk-off win, though.

Brian Adams P1040867

At first, I thought the Somerset Patriots had the game in the bag. Kelvin Villa gave up three runs, though he mostly managed to dodge out of trouble. The problem was Somerset starter Brian Adams. He struck out 10 batters in six innings, and I think he had better stuff than Joe Newby did when he threw the no-hitter on Wednesday.

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Game 38: A Walk-Off Win! Newark 10, Somerset 8

Daryle Ward P1040818

Ok, I’m a lousy Mets fan. I talked about rooting for them to be spoilers in the NL East, and then I didn’t even watch the game. I was going to, I swear!

But a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time invited me out to watch the Newark Bears, and that seemed just a little more important.

The Bears and the Somerset Patriots seemed fairly evenly matched, so the game stayed pretty close most of the way. I was more focused on catching up than I was on the on-field action, so I won’t try to offer up a detailed recap for the first 8 1/2 innings.

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