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Game #37: A no-hitter! Blue Crabs 3, Bears 1

no-hitter P1040784

I’ve always wanted to see a no-hitter. I’ve never seen one live on television, much less been in the ballpark. Wednesday night, I got my wish… just not exactly the way I wanted it.

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to the Newark Bears game until it was time to head over to the ballpark. I tried and failed to interest my friend Bart in going with me to the game, and I wasn’t that convinced that I wanted to go. The Bears trail the division-leading Lancaster Barnstormers by just four games with 44 games left to play, plenty of time to make up that ground. Yet they’re not playing good baseball – they’ve lost 7 of their last 10 games.

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Well, that was embarrassing- Game 36: Arizona 14, Mets 1

The CitiField scoreboard before the Mets Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

On a day that they honored two of the greatest players in team history, the 2010 Mets demonstrated their season is over.

Sure, they’ve got a six-game road trip against Atlanta and Philadelphia — if they sweep it, I’ll be willing to concede that I buried the 2010 Mets prematurely. But after watching them play during the month of July, I think the Braves and the Phillies will be the ones holding the brooms.

The Mets Hall of Fame induction ceremony was nice – it honored Frank Cashen, Davey Johnson, Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry and left us wanting more. (Far better than most awards/honors presentations that make the audience wish they had a way to chase long-winded speakers away from the stage.)

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Game #35: Somerset 8, Newark 7

Bill Pulsipher P1040233

Once upon a time, the Mets struggled through a dark chapter in team history. After failing to make the playoffs for several years, they finished breaking up the best team in franchise history to bring in a bunch of overpaid hired gun free agents to create the worst team money could buy.

To find hope in those dark days, Mets fans looked to the minor leagues. A trio of young pitchers – dubbed “Generation K” by the media – offered the promise of a rotation to rival Seaver-Koosman-Matlack or Gooden-Cone-Darling.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Jason Isringhausen went on to become an All-Star closer for Oakland and St. Louis. Paul Wilson had some modest success in Cincinnati, including an 11-6 season in 2004. Bill Pulsipher spent six years in the majors, both as a starter and middle reliever. The three combined for just 28 victories for the Mets, with most (18) belonging to Isringhausen.

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Games # 33 & 34: Bridgeport at Newark

cloudy sky P1030872

I’m a little bit late writing about the two games I went to this week; you’ll have to forgive me.

Game #33: Bridgeport 12, Newark 2

After listening to the rain outside most of Wednesday morning, I was a little surprised that the Bears were able to get the game in that night. We were lucky and missed out on any evening thunderstorms that may have been in the area.

I was supposed to meet my friend Bart at the game, but I got there first and thought he’d decided to skip it because of the weather forecast. It turned out that he just got hung up in traffic. We went down to far left field corner of the stands to wait for the Bluefish players to come out since we both wanted autographs.

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Twelve innings of losing baseball

Yesterday, I spent most of the day at one ballpark or another. I was rewarded with a 4-0 Mets loss in Queens and a an 8-2 Bears loss in Newark, but at least I got to spend time with friends and see a nice fireworks show after the second game.

Game 31: Atlanta 4, Mets 0


When I left for the ballpark, it had just started to rain and the forecast for the afternoon wasn’t very promising. But by the time batting practice was over, we’d seen the last of the wet weather and the sun even put in an appearance before the game was over.

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