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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, part 1 of 5

I got the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Set as an early Christmas present again this year, and I’m sharing photos of what it’s giving me on Instagram. Here are the first five.

The first day of #Lego Advent brought Hera a model of her ship, the Ghost #StarWarsRebels

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The third day of #Lego Advent brought a mini model of the Phantom Mark I. #StarWarsRebels

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Random baseball photos from 2017

My friend Bart is the last person I know who’s sticking pretty firmly with 20th Century technology. He has no interest in using computers or owning a mobile phone, and he’s still using a 35mm film camera to take photos.

Bart recently sent me prints of some of the photos he took during the baseball season. They’re kinda neat, so I’m sharing some of them here.

The Cuban National Team played a number of games against opponents from the Can-Am League this season. I can’t remember if Bart saw them when they were playing the New Jersey Jackals or the Sussex County Miners, and he didn’t remember who the players are in the photos, but they are still pretty cool.

Cuba Bus 1.jpg

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Fate/Grand Order – Christmas comes early…

Well crap….Fate/Grand Order’s Christmas event starts on Friday.

My original plan was to take advantage of the Thanksgiving event’s 1/2 AP daily quests to level up the servants I ascended during GudaGuda Honnouji and get my Christmas bonus servants ready… well, that’s out the window.


I did manage to get Waver up to level 60, but he’s still not really gonna be that great until I unlock his third skill and start leveling them up. And Cú Chulainn is maxed out at level 70, and I did manage to get Julius Caesar and Jing Ke up to level 60, and Robin Hood up to level 55, so I could be doing worse on Christmas bonus servants. (Poor Medea Lily is NP2 and still at level 1.)

But whatever experience I get over the next couple of days is going to have to be saved for Santa Alter… and hopefully I will manage to have 30 SQ to roll for event craft essences before it starts.

I was expecting to see the London story chapter first, with Christmas coming later in the month so it would actually still be around for the holiday.

If we’re lucky, we’ll get London when Christmas ends. But they could be rushing Christmas so they can shove Saber Wars at us next — on the Japanese server, Saber Wars was loosely tied to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so they might want to have it come out with the North American release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi for us….

and that would leave pretty much no opportunity to level up Saber Gilles or try to summon (and level) a fifth saber class servant before the event… and little chance to accumulate an SQ to roll for the event craft essences.

I’m guessing the game is not going to slow down anytime soon, but it would sure be nice if it did.

If you’re playing Fate/Grand Order, are you excited about the early arrival of Christmas? Or were you hoping for more time to get ready?

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Gaming Log: Fate/Grand Order – Thanksgiving

So last week, the Fate/Grand Order developers made a surprise announcement at AnimeNYC. North America would be getting a special Thanksgiving event, combining elements of Japan’s Scáthach banner and New Year’s 2016 events.

The highlight is the Thanksgiving Celebration Summon, a guaranteed opportunity to get one of nine five-star servants if you do a paid 10-card summon. Under normal circumstances, you have a one percent chance of drawing one of the game’s best servants. I’ve been playing for five months and had gotten exactly one.
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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving has got to be my least favorite of the major holidays.

We’re supposed to enjoy big family get-togethers with perfectly-cooked food. Maybe some football, maybe some early Black Friday shopping.

The reality is that we’re not all going to be sitting down to that big family dinner on Thursday. Some of us couldn’t manage to travel back home for one reason or another. Some of us may not get along with our families and may opt to skip it for that reason. Some of us may be spending the day with family but may not be able to afford the big dinner. Some of us may have so little that we’re not even worried about what day it is.

My heart breaks for one of my friends who chose to turn down an invitation to spend Thanksgiving with his sister’s family because it hurts him too much to celebrate the holiday and be reminded that both their parents are now gone.

My own dislike of celebrating Thanksgiving really grew the year that my father passed away – our small family gathering started to feel just a little bit too small. And I’ll probably never have my own family to share the holidays with. That’s something I’m pretty much okay with most of the year, but not when everything is focused on family togetherness.

Maybe I’m missing the point. Dad’s not with us, but mom’s still here. So here’s to trying to appreciate what we have to be thankful for, I guess.

And maybe Thanksgiving just sucks for pointing out all of the things that we’re missing while scolding us for not being thankful enough for whatever we do have.

I don’t know.