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Go home, Elsa…

Go home, Elsa… it's my turn

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Maz Kanata (2/52)

Maz Kanata #TheLastJedi #StarWars

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Here’s my second photo of the week for 2018, a closeup of Hasbro’s 6″ scale Maz Kanata figure.

This was a largely unplanned shot – I was just taking pictures of some figures that were hanging around on my desk and happened to like how it came out. I do need to work out a better lighting setup – while some of this photo’s overexposure is a result of the Instagram filter, it is definitely an issue with the original photo.

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New beginning (1/52)

New beginning #StarWars #Lego

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Last year, I tried to share a new photo on my toy photography Instagram account every day. I managed to keep up with it into April, but it felt more like work than play.

I enjoyed the challenge and I think it helped me improve as a photographer, but there were a lot of days that I didn’t have any good ideas or really feel like taking pictures.

This year, I’m trying for a more modest goal of at least one photo per week. If I share more than one photo per week, I will choose my favorite to post here on Friday.

The picture above features Lego Rey and BB-8 minifigures on their way to a new adventure. I like the theme and composition, but if I re-did the photo, I’d take a bit more time with the background.