Mets Autographs I Need

I’m trying to obtain a baseball card signed by each player who has appeared in a game for the New York Mets. (Please be aware that I don’t sell autographs, do not make a habit of getting extra signatures to trade and have a limited budget to make purchases.)

These are the ones I’m still looking for:

  • Norichika Aoki
  • Luis Alvarado
  • Scott Atchison
  • Billy Baldwin
  • Lute Barnes
  • Gerson Bautista
  • Chasen Bradford
  • Gus Bell
  • Mike Bishop
  • Henry Blanco
  • Ken Boyer
  • Mark Bradley
  • Jay Bruce
  • W. Chris Carter
  • Gavin Cecchini
  • Darrell Ceciliani
  • Yoenis Cespedes
  • Elio Chacon
  • Rich Chiles
  • Harry Chiti
  • John Christensen
  • Tyler Clippard
  • Alejandro De Aza
  • Joe DePastino
  • Sammy Drake
  • Phillip Evans
  • Joe Foy
  • Danny Frisella
  • Jesse Gonder
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Geremi Gonzalez
  • Bill Graham
  • Robert Gsellman
  • Greg Harts
  • Bob Hendley
  • Jim Henderson
  • Ron Herbel
  • Felix Heredia
  • Gil Hodges
  • Wayne Housie
  • Jonathan Hurst
  • Roy Lee Jackson
  • Sherman Jones
  • Jeff Kaiser
  • Takashi Kashiwada
  • Ty Kelly
  • Jay Kleven
  • Dae-Sung Koo
  • Cal Koonce
  • Jack Lamabe
  • David Lamb
  • Jose Lobaton
  • Kevin Lomon
  • James Loney
  • Brandon Lyon
  • Mike G. Marshall
  • Ramon E. Martinez
  • Ted Martinez
  • Jerry May
  • John Mayberry Jr.
  • Kevin McGowan
  • Tommy Milone
  • Herb Moford
  • Johnny Monell
  • Tommy Moore
  • Bob Moorhead
  • Danny Muno
  • Dale Murray
  • Dan Murray
  • Bob Myrick
  • Danny Napoleon
  • Charlie Neal
  • Corey Oswalt
  • José Parra
  • Andy Phillips
  • Mike Phillips
  • Tyler Pill
  • Grover Powell
  • Elvin Ramirez
  • Neil Ramirez
  • Bob Rauch
  • Addison Reed
  • Jacob Rhame
  • Hal Reniff
  • Rene Rivera
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Don Rowe
  • Justin Ruggiano
  • Fernando Salas
  • Al Schmelz
  • Dick Selma
  • Tsuyoshi Shinjo
  • Charley W. Smith
  • Dominic Smith
  • Dennis Springer
  • Dick Stuart
  • Anthony Swarzak
  • Travis Tajieron
  • Ken Takahashi
  • Billy Taylor
  • Dick Tidrow
  • Rusty Tillman
  • Alex Torres
  • Juan Uribe
  • Raul Valdes
  • Logan Verrett
  • Gabriel Ynoa

Names in bold are deceased. Names in italics are pending acquisitions.

29 thoughts on “Mets Autographs I Need

  1. Cliff Cook will sign with the necessary fee he charges, very reasonable. I conducted a signing with Rusty Tillman might have an extra Wiz card if interested.


  2. paul
    how is your mets auto collection coming
    LMK if u are interested in purchasing.
    I have MANY of the names on your want list

    LMK if u have any auto Wiz cards that u maybe willing to trade


    1. paul
      LMK what autograph Wiz cards u have for trade
      i have almost all the autos on your wantlist
      so lets see if u want to make a big dent in your wants


  3. I publish THE AUTOGRAPH REVIEW – FOR 41 YEARS – we reach autograph collectors, some of whom might be able to assist you – sample 4 editions, $9.95 with a free 20 word advertisement.

    advise if interested – j w morey – 305 Carlton Rd – Syracuse ny 13207


    1. Hi Dave,
      Was wondering if you could give me an approximate value for a Mike Bishop signed 3×5 index card. I have an extra one is like to sell, but can’t find a comp to determine a value.


      1. Hi Paul
        I have 2 Mike Bishop 3×5
        I paid $15 for each

        I’m looking for 3×5 of Ronny Cedeno, Francisco Rodriguez
        and many from past few years lmk if u have any


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